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BioFresh Tablets for Spas and Hot Tubs prevents and eliminates bio-film. Keeps your spa fresh and healthier for longer
Chlorine Dioxide Precursor?
Active Constituent: Sodium Chlorite and inorganic salt

  • Prevents and eliminates bio-film from spas
  • Easy peel and pop dosing method
  • Simple all year round maintenance product
  • Keeps spa healthier for longer

Hot Tubs and Spas, by their very nature are breeding grounds for all types of bugs and pathogens. Bacteria love hot water and multiply much faster than in cold water.
Correct levels of sanitisers (Chlorine, Bromine, etc.) reduce the risks of the infection but the most common area of potential bacterial growth is the most ignored of overlooked – the pipes and tubes carrying the water. These are collection points for bio-film.

Bio-film is made up of a collection of oils, fats, solid matter, organics and bacteria. (Mmmm tasty) Bio-film may be present on any surface the has constant contact with water and Hot Tubs and Spas are particularly prone to the collection of bio-film. It is extremely important to understand that bio-film will not be removed by even high levels of sanitisers such a Chlorine or Bromine.

What is BioFresh and how do I use it? (I’m glad you asked)
Each tablet contains a unique blend of chemicals which, when added to the spa water react together to form Chlorine Dioxide which will then attack and destroy the bio-film in the spa pipes and equipment.

Do not be misled by the name, Chlorine Dioxide is totally different from ‘Chlorine’. Its unique nature enables it to penetrate the bio-film, destroying it along with any bacteria present.
Regular use will prevent bio-film from forming, keeping your spa healthier for longer.

Simply peel a tablet from the foil and pop it into the skimmer of the spa once a month or for spas in frequent use / commercial spa, use once every two weeks.